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Round 7 Milestone Games

ongratulations to Lani PaneSeb Beale, and Anja Marshallsay who will all play 50 games this weekend.

Lani Pane

This Saturday we celebrate a great achievement by Alana Pane, as she becomes the first (alongside Anja Marshallsay) female player to reach 50 games for MOCFC. Lani was one of the inaugural Sheagles who had the great privilege of pulling on the maroon, blue and gold back in 2017. Since her debut, she has been a consistent and dominant figure in the senior side. With her drive and determination, it was no secret that she would amount to great success.

Lani has been fortunate enough to play in her favourite position each week, off the half back line. She is a powerful, attacking player that reads the ball exceptionally well. Her unique left foot enables her to stand out among the rest, always having elegance and poise with ball in hand.

Lani has accumulated several accolades during her journey to 50 games. She was an integral member of the 2017 premiership side and brought her game to a new level in 2019, winning the club Best and Fairest and being named in the VAFA team of the year. In 2020 she was named Vice Captain of the Senior team.

Off-field she has also excelled being named Prom Queen in 2018 as well as the unofficial title “the Happiest Girl in the VAFA”. This is not surprising for someone who organises her game day clothes out a whole week prior to round 1 every year.

These achievements give little insight to the amount of hard work she dedicates to her football.

Lani wears her heart on her sleeve and always puts her teammates before herself. Although she is her own harshest critic, Lani knows when she has played well. She is often known for re-watching the game as soon as it is broadcast, just to count her own stats.

The Sheagles would not be the same without individuals like Lani and Anja. It is a privilege to run out alongside my best friend this weekend. Lans, I hope you enjoy every moment of your 50th game, go well and have fun!

– Annie Xanthos

Seb Beale

Joining the club in 2016 as a school boy, Seb slotted into Simon Abrahams under 19’s half back flank with his ability to use both sides by foot and speed.

The lightly built skinny half back flanker has a had some major injuries in his time. From spraining his little finger and missing half the season to hurting his big toe and missing multiple weeks.

Cementing his spot in the senior side in 2018 Seb came with his own quirks by listening to his pregame ritual and pump up song 22 by Taylor Swift

As good as his on field performances are, his off field performances can’t be said to be the same. The wannabe Harvey Spectre has sometimes committed to coming out with the boys on a Saturday night to then end up being on a date with his one true love the law

All in all Sebba is a very loyal and committed man. Congratulations on 50 games mate and here is to many more

– Shaun Tyquin

Anja Marshallsay

Anja has been with Marcellin since the Sheagles launched for season 2017. From the moment she stepped into full back, it was meant to be. She’s been a permanent fixture of the best back line in the VAFA women’s competition ever since. She is the always-seeing eyes and ever-guiding voice of the seniors, from her vantage point down back.

Playing in the most unrewarded position on the ground, Anja does it with a smile and a positive attitude. This positive attitude led her to be the captain of the seniors in 2019 and vice captain since. She leads by example at all times.

This might all sound warm and fuzzy, but Anja is known for her white line fever and is an absolute force to be reckoned with on the field.

She’s also a force to be reckoned with on the dancefloor and gives the club events her all. She loves a dress up, a boogie and a sing along.

We’ve made a pact that we will retire together and have had a secret handshake since the beginning. It’s been a great pleasure becoming Anja’s friend over our years at the club, from the women’s teams genesis. I’m so proud to be able to write this tribute to her as she runs out for her 50th game alongside Lani. Two legends of our great club.

Well done Anja, you deserve all the love and attention this weekend after all you’ve given to this club. Soak it up and enjoy!

– Laura Melenhorst


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