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Round 7 (21 May) Milestone Games

Congratulations to Abbie McNamara and Tania Carpinteri who will play their 50th games this weekend against Melbourne University!!

Abbie McNamara

This Saturday we will be celebrating one of our inaugural Sheagles Abbie Mcnamara’s 50th game, alongside Tania Carpinteri. Abbie first started at Marcellin back in 2017 and she liked it so much that she stuck around to today – the season of 2022. This milestone highlights the many years of hard work and dedication that Abbie has continued to put into the club.

Abbie is known for her true grit on the field. As an inside midfielder, she uses her great strength and physicality to win the ball after a ball-up. You can always rely on Abbie to put herself on the line for her teammates and give it everything she’s got. Abbie is always ready to take on new challenges come game day. In the 2021 season Abbie gave it a crack in the forward line and surprised herself by kicking numerous goals. She is someone to admire and is great to watch play on a frosty Saturday morning down at Bulleen Park oval.

Off the field Abbie is known best for her ways with a microphone at karaoke and her knowledge of the ‘WAP’ dance by Cardi B. You always know you are in for a good night when Abbie is around and she doesn’t like to miss a party… even when injured and being advised to rest. It was the 2017 season and Abbie ‘rolled her ankle’ against Caulfield right before finals. Little did she know it was broken and she had been walking on it for nearly a week.

It will be great to run out alongside Abbie and Tan in her 50th game this weekend to celebrate two great Marcellin people on and off-field.

Courtney Taylor

Tania Carpinteri

5 seasons 1 non-season 1 pandemic Rain, hail AND shine 2 Premierships 50 games.

I’d like to take a moment to tell you all a little bit about our silent assassin, Tania Carpinteri. Tania has been at the club since the inception of the Women’s Team, and has been one of, if not the most consistent player that we have seen. There may have been girls come through Marcellin who have had more to say in one season than Tania has in 6, but personally I’m all about quality over quantity.

Tom Stafford once allocated us all buddies in our inaugural season, and I had the pleasure of partnering up with Tania. Tom emphasised that we were to all get around our buddy, and to talk about what we wanted to achieve as teammates. Well Tania, to be perfectly honest has been the perfect teammate, before that moment, and long after. If I want someone to hit me lace out on a lead, Tania does it. If I want to talk tactics pre/post or during a match, Tania is there. If I’m looking around during a rainy Wednesday training observing low numbers, Tania is there. If I want to get on the beers at a club function, Tania is…. Okay maybe she’s not there then but I’ll let her off on that one.

Tania you have been an instrumental part of making this club as successful as it has been. Getting your Mum, Cecilia involved early on as the Reserves Team Manager, and now Stephen helping out week in and week out – the Carpinteri’s epitomise what a family club should be. Tania’s dedication to improving her footy hasn’t gone unnoticed, with her being so versatile that the coaches know they can play her anywhere and she won’t let the team down. To my favourite number 13, I am just so proud of what you’ve been able to achieve in your first 50 games, and the mind boggles at the thought that your best is yet to come. A dual premiership player before the age of 20, and at just 22 years of age now, I’d suggest the rest of the league ought to take notice.

Congratulations to one of the best.

Jennae Wakefield


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