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Round 6 Milestone Games – Matthew Molloy

We congratulate Matty on hitting the 100 game milestone this weekend against Monash.

I have had the pleasure of playing with Matty for more than a decade and I can safely say that he is one of the toughest footballers that I have ever played with. In the modern game, contested ball is such an important statistic and Matty is one of the few who wins his own footy. You know that when Matty is around the stoppage or when the ball is in dispute, more often than not he will get his hands on it and give the team first use. Matty is also a ferocious tackler, typically racking up double digit figures in this area. The determination that he displays to dispossess his opponent or create a stoppage is invaluable to the team. Through these attributes, Matty really drives the standards for all players at the club. What’s most impressive about Matty’s game is that he shows up consistently week-in, week-out, making him such a reliable and dependable team mate.

On the work-front, Matt is highly successful and holds a highly demanding role that requires lots of travel and long hours. Most recently, Matt has been travelling to and from Canberra on a weekly basis, but will always juggle his schedule to show his face at training on a Thursday night. It is this type of commitment to the club that makes Matty such a respected person within the MOCFC community.

Matty – between your Uni exchanges and other overseas adventures, it has been a journey to reach this milestone, but to play 100 games is a fantastic achievement that you should be very proud of. We know that when you run out on Saturday, you will throw your body at absolutely everything, just like you have done on the 99 occasions prior, and hopefully lead your team to a win worth celebrating.

Go well!

– Daniel McMahon

Matthew Molloy started his MOCFC career back in 2010 playing U/19’s under the tutelage of then Coach, Brian Millet. It was an absolute pleasure to play that year with Matthew, who throughout the course of the season had earned the nickname of ‘Tractor’.

This nickname was given for Tractor’s incredible ability to win contested football at the coal face whilst also finding the time to seed, plough, harvest and mow a turf surface to an immaculate standard and condition.

Since his debut, Tractor has featured regularly in both Seniors & Reserves teams across the past 11 years, playing a key and selfless role in helping many of those teams reach multiple final series and grand finals appearances (even getting the job done, winning the U/19’s flag in 2011).

Having Tractor back at the club this year, reconnecting and reminiscing over our time at MOCFC and with both of us at the latter end of our careers, has made me appreciate how much I have enjoyed and treasured the opportunity of not only playing footy with Tractor but also appreciating the beautiful friendship that has emerged and grown over this period. I have also thoroughly enjoyed, now that we’re neighbours, the time spent catching up more regularly carpooling to games and training. (Spending this time debating our favourite obscure AFL players and why or talking about tv shows we would watch if we had more time or hobbies we could take up once our careers are over).

Over these last 11 years, I’ve been incredibly fortunate to have had multiple opportunities to play with Matty Molloy. A team mate who will always look to do first what is best for the team and will go above and beyond to help the club both on and off the field, making Matty a highly respected person within the MOCFC community.

From all of us at the Club, Congratulations brother on the 100-game milestone! Your ability and commitment to always deliver at such a high standard over such a long time is something that you should truly be proud and is admired by each and every teammate that has had the pleasure of playing with you.

All the best for the weekend.

PS. I would also like to use this as an opportunity to say thank you Tractor, for winning a plethora of freekicks in close, and always rewarding many of us with a handball receive to get into the game. TY

– Thomas Black


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