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Round 5 (May 7) Milestone Games

Congratulations to Daniel Di Paola who will play his 50th game this weekend in the Seniors against Old Geelong!!

Well once asked to be given the opportunity to write up about Daniel ‘Dippa’ DiPaola, I jumped at the opportunity instantly. Best mates since we were kids, I’ve had the honour of playing alongside Dippa since AusKick. This has led to a great understanding of each other’s games and has meant we’ve formed the knack to find each other for a linking play often over the years. But aside from my over reliance on him to find me the ball, it is the same case for most teammates, as it’s his reliability on the field we’ve all become accustomed to over the years. The coaches and players at both Banyule and Marcellin can always rely on an effort-based game from Dippa as a bare minimum, leading to one of the most consistent players I’ve ever played alongside.

I would like to say it’s been a privilege to watch the growth in your game over our careers, but your football prowess has always been on show that we’ve come to expect nothing less. After all, what opposition player when walking to their position would willingly line up alongside those shoulders. Whoever would eventually be your opponent would inevitably not win a single one on one all day, simply being shoved off their feet at the hands of your shoulders.

A best on field most of the time, Dippa is also not one to disappoint off it. Whether it be passed out drunk at Melbourne Central Station on a Saturday night or flooding our Bali accommodation at 3am jumping off the second story into the pool, you’re great company and a Marcellin Eagle through and through, somebody the club will happily have for the rest of your career and beyond, congratulations on 50 games and go and strut those shoulders like no tomorrow.

Liam Atherton


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