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Round 3 (22 April) Milestone Games

Congratulations to Patrick Howe, Will Campitelli, Liam Atherton, Gregory Loucas and Daniel Di Paola on all hitting their 50 game milestone in Round 3.

Patrick Howe (Adam Tomaro)

I vividly remember running out alongside Howey for his first game back in 2017. He was so excited to finally be able to run out for the Eagles, something that holds true to this day. Ironically, we lost by 100+ point but I think the playing group knew we had found a future captain of the club in Patty Howe. This guy bleeds maroon, blue and gold.

The epitome of a great teammate, Howey possesses all the qualities that make you love playing with him – toughness, resilience and inspiring. He plays in the same vein, often at the bottom of a pack trying to win a contest for the team. And better yet, he has grown into the leader of MOCFC that we knew he would become.

A massive congrats on a super achievement Howey, and here is to many more games to come.

Will Campitelli (Josh Atwell)

First of all, congratulations to one of my best mates, Campa on 50 phenomenal games for the Marcellin footy club. I’ve had the privilege of knowing Campa since early in high school but really became good mates after taking the footy field in 2018 for u19s. After playing with him every year since then, there’s no one I’d rather take the field with each week than this man.

Coming off a stellar year in 2018 (that included a B&F), Campa was the first of our year to make the senior side in 2019 and no one was more deserving of a senior gig than him. It was an honour to watch his senior games, and play alongside him in 2019 as he took a huge step up, although not as a designated leader of the side, taking it upon himself to lead from the front on field and doing whatever was needed to get us over the line. He’s one of the hardest working and toughest individuals I’ve ever seen and know exactly what we’ll get week in and week out as he tears up whoever his opponent is on the wing.

A perfect example of this was through the 2021 season where he was made to earn his spot and went on to solidify it well beyond doubt. Not only can he do no wrong on field, off the field it’s more of the same. Enjoying more than a beer or two at club events, following his great on field performance with a an even better one with the boys that night.   He’s never caught with his head down even if we’re copping a spray or on a bad run, he’ll be the first to run around and pick the boys back up. That 24/7 positive attitude that Campa has towards footy and life is one of the many reasons everyone at the club has nothing but love for him and I can’t wait to run out with you for your 50th game and belt out the song after.

Congratulations Campa!

Liam Atherton (Jack Keenan)

Liam ‘Atho’ Atherton is the type of person you want at your football club. This has been evident and felt around Marcellin Old Collegians since his arrival in 2018. Exceptionally loyal, willing to contribute and a sincerely good bloke are just a few of the terms I would describe about Atho. Liam genuinely loves Marcellin and bleeds for the Nest. There is no doubt that fifty games is only a small milestone compared to the number of matches Atho will play for Marcellin in the future. This also does not include the number of years Atho will support and contribute to Marcellin for decades to come.

Undoubtably a coach’s favourite, Liam rarely misses a preseason or training session and always gives it his all out on the track. At training or in games you can observe how fiercely competitive he is through the way he attacks the football and runs his guts out at any opportunity. Always looking to improve Atho has worked seriously hard on his running over the last few years either at Marcellin, on the farm or in Bali. This commitment and work ethic has led to Atho playing games in the Under 19’s, Reserves and Seniors to which he has played some seriously good football in a number of positions all over the ground.

Liam rarely misses a social event and is always a person that everyone just wants to have a beer with due to his love of sport, supercoach, the punt and food. Off the field I know everyone at the club would consider Atho to be a great bloke despite his insufferable love for the Brisbane Lions. Many around the club would not have the disgust for the Lions if it weren’t for Atho (myself included). You definitely won’t miss Atho expressing his love for the Lions after a win, similar to the great sentiment and pride he displays for Marcellin at any opportunity.

Lastly, I just want to congratulate one of my great mates Atho on playing your fiftieth game this weekend for the football club. A lot of time has occurred between your first and fiftieth game. Which is evident by the considerable length of your hair now compared to your first game for the football club in Under 19’s in 2018. I know you’ll leave it all out on the Bray this weekend mate and I look forward to seeing you play many more games in the future for Marcellin.

Gregory Loucas (Jeremy Sakkas)

First and foremost, a massive congratulations to Gregory Loucas on notching up 50 games, it only took him the best part of 8 years, but as they say, all good things take time.

If you ask Greg the kind of player he draws comparisons to, he would liken himself to a Scott Pendlebury or Marcus Bontempelli. To be fair there are many similarities, and i’ll run through the list now:

1. All left footed

As you can see a very extensive list which undoubtedly likens him to some of the greats of the game.

Playing with Greg through the Reserves and Thirds over the past few years has been a pleasure, he may be a lean, running machine, but he goes into every contest as hard as anyone, while also being clean with ball in hand. Greg is a real team first player, and uses his work ethic and awareness to be a very talented defender, while using his elite aerobic capacity to be a great asset going forward, making him a very handy player who runs both ways, which is hard to find in the modern game. You can put Greg anywhere on the park and you know you’re going to get 100% effort for the full 4 quarters from him.

Seeing Greg go through multiple setbacks through injury, and each time remaining positive to come back fitter and stronger shows the type of player and personality he is. He provides constant positive energy on and off the field, and walking out with him by your side on game day, you know what you’re going to get. He’ll put you on your place when need be, but be the first to praise you as well. He is a competitor who wants to win and wants the best for his teammates around him as much as himself.

It deeply saddens me I won’t be able to share the field with you come Saturday for this special moment but i do want to take this opportunity to again say,

Congratulations Greg, no one deserves this more than you and I hope you get a milestone win on Saturday! Go well and do the number 48 proud!

Daniel Di Paola (Liam Atherton)


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