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Round 2 Milestone Games

Congratulations to Matthew Capetola who reaches 50 games this weekend.

Cappa has been a much loved member of the MOCFC since joining the club in 2017 and has been regular in the senior side often sighted across the half forward line setting up scores or playing a significant role for the team. I’ve played footy with Cappa since Year 7 at Marcellin and we have shared many great moments both on and off the field together. He is the type of bloke you love playing with, as he is always prepared to perform a selfless act and is ultra-reliable.

Cappa is an enigma on the field, as he will often find himself at the right place at the right time, which speaks volumes of his footy IQ. He possesses great skills and has always been a great decision maker and ball user. Whenever he has the ball inside 30m of goal, you can count it, as he has never missed a shot for goal inside 30m in his life. Despite him usually being quiet, it’s safe to say, he is equally as clinical off the field.

A massive congrats on a super achievement and here is to many more games to come.

– Adam Tomaro.


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