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Round 2 (9 April) Milestone Games

We congratulate Oscar Flugge who will notch up game 50 this weekend against Old Mentonians.

Oscar Flugge entered MOCFC in 2017 as a skinny and fresh faced 18-year-old. It didn’t take long for “plug” or “lug” to become a well-known figure around the club. He is incredibly social and gives everyone time and effort no matter what team or level they played in. This is an attribute that Oscar has continued as he becomes older, it doesn’t matter if you are the captain of the 1s, playing Sheagles or in the back pocket of the 19s, Oscar makes time for you.

 On the football field, Oscar spent his early days in both the under 19s and 3s. But the one place you could always find him was on the wing. Oscar loved and continues to love playing on the wing. The wing on the Lyons Oval, that’s Oscar wing. Running up and down, up and down all day. He loves the freedom of playing on the wing, where he can get on his favoured left side and do his thing.

In more recent times, Oscar has solidified his spot in Thomas Black’s reserve squad. In this team, Oscar has continued to improve his football and grow into his own unique player.  Oscar and coach Thomas have also enjoyed a blossoming friendship. I think Oscar also likes people named Thomas. Thomas Black, Thomas Dennis and of course older brother Thomas Flugge.

Oscar position in the reserves team has come from nothing short of hard work. Ever since Oscar realised his biggest strength on the football field, his fitness, he has worked, worked and worked on it.  It doesn’t matter if its 37 degrees in December or 7 degrees in July, Oscar is at training right up the front of any given running drill.

Oscars dedication is well known and respected throughout the entire club. He is a club favourite and the type of person who could stay at this club in some capacity for the next 10-15 years. Congratulations Oscar with many more to come. Plug50

Luca Zanella


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