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Round 1 Milestone Games

Congratulations to Jeremiah Antypas on reaching 100 games this weekend in the Senior Mens Team against UHS-VU.

Jeramiah Antypas burst onto the scene for the U19’s of Marcellin Old Collegians Football Club in 2013. A fast, athletic, tall forward with a deadly set shot, he soon caught the eye of the senior coaches, earning him a senior debut as an 18 year old. 2014 was when ‘Jez’ cemented his spot in the team, playing every game and being awarded the ‘Rising Eagle’ award for best young player. It was clear from early on that the former chubby curly haired small forward from St Mary’s, who loved a handball receive over the top, was going to be a player.

It was Round 1 2015 however, when Jez announced himself as a dominant forward in the competition with an incredible 12 goals straight against Williamstown. He went on to kick around 60 goals that year, including multiple bags of 8. He particularly enjoyed lining up against Camberwell, against whom he would regularly fill his boots.

We were worried Jez’s career had hit a roadblock in 2016 when he embarked on career in Real Estate. However he has been able to manage both work and football, and Marcellin supporters can look forward to seeing him line up in the number 12 this season and for years to come.

Jez has been a valuable member, not only on the field, but also within the Marcellin Community. His family (Spiro, Trish, Maggie and Will), and his fiancé Siobhan, have been heavily involved in the club for the past 8 years and their support has been a huge part of the Marcellin culture.

Congratulations on reaching 100 games Jez. I’ve loved lining up alongside you for each and every one of them, and look forward to tasting success with you in the near future.

– Patrick Hamblin


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