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Round 1 (2 April) Milestone Games

We congratulate Jack ‘Robbie’ ‘Pesto’ Keenan on his 50th game this weekend against Hampton Rovers.

I’ll start by saying congratulations to Jack or more commonly known around the club as Robbie or ‘pesto’ on cracking his 50th game milestone for Marcellin this week. I’ve played with Robbie for 2 seasons of under 19’s. Robbie is as reliable as a player can get, he always puts the team first and you know that he is going to go hard at every contest he’s involved in and play to the last minute of every game as well as rely on him to have your back on and off the footy field. He’s a strong defensive player who is a general down back that is always accountable in his efforts, he’ll let you know how many his player has kicked on him (always an excuse due to a few cheapies or freebies if it’s more then 2).

He’s the type of bloke that you wanna walk out on the field with, his natural positive personality and ability to get boys up and about make him a great leader, shown with him receiving the captaincy in his second year of 19s and now a vice captain this year in the reserves. As all good leaders would have, you endured much praise and also some criticism, the main one that comes to mind is half time being down against Hampton under 19s in a game at the end of the season where we were playing terribly and Abes sprayed some of our leaders including Robbie to get a response needed in the second half. Safe to say it worked as we went on to win that game. Aside from his footy ability and on-field efforts, Robbie is always a star off the field at club social events, he might be coming off a big day or a big night, but he’ll always show up and get around everyone.

Overall a great player, person and clubman, all the best for the game on Saturday, hopefully can get a win to start off the season strong and celebrate the milestone.

Daniel Di Paola


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