Ton Up Club Membership

With a view to the future of our respected football club, we are proud to announce the implementation of our own ‘Ton Up Club’ for the 2021 season. This program, aimed at providing us with the necessary funds to successfully operate our club, also gives its members the opportunity to enter our various prize draws ranging from 9x $250 draws and 1x $750 draw.

The object of the ‘Ton Up Club’ is simple: we are aiming for 100 participants to donate $100 each. The $250 draws will be held at the after-match functions of our remaining 6 home games, at our Rivalry Round and 1971/1976 Premiership Reunion Luncheon (June 19), our 2001 A Grade Premiership Reunion Luncheon (August 7) and our Team of the Decade Evening (August 21). We will hold the $750 draw at our Presentation Night (Date TBD).

These funds will assist in not only the day-to-day operations of running a football club but will also assist with upgrading our resources. We will continue to post communications through our various channels, as well as calling our members to get them on board with this great initiative.