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Milestone Games – Saturday 29 June 2024

Congratulations to Talia Oates, who will play her 50th game for the Eagles this weekend!

This week marks 50 games for Talia Anne Cathrine Oates, a.k.a. TACO, she can’t mark, she’s not a Pitbull (despite wanting to be just like him), but I swear, Vanders still thinks her real name is T I O! Here’s to 50 games of glorious undeniable talent!

Talia started her journey with us in 2019 as a backman. From her first moments on the field, it was evident she had a unique blend of skill, determination, and a deep passion for the game. Her footy knowledge has grown tenfold and her ability to quick the ball a long way has now secured her a spot in the forward line to kick some snags.

I’ve had the pleasure of supplying Talia with endless amounts of pickle juice to help with her cramps during games. Nearly every Thursday night, I’d receive messages like, “Do you have pickle juice?” or “Can I get some pickle juice from you?” Sometimes, it was more like, “I’m stealing your pickle juice!” Talia’s love for pickle juice and its magical cramp-reducing powers became a regular part of our routine.

No but in all seriousness…Talia has not only been a teammate but also a mentor and a friend. Her dedication to the team is matched only by her kindness and support for each of us, both on and off the field. Whether it’s offering words of encouragement during tough games or celebrating victories with her trademark enthusiasm, TO embodies the spirit of camaraderie that makes our team so special.
Congratulations on reaching the BIG 50 this weekend! I can’t wait to see you step onto the field and dominate the forward line, kicking some banging snags.

Your journey to this milestone has been nothing short of inspirational, and your dedication and skill make you an absolute superstar. Here’s to celebrating your achievements and many more memorable moments ahead!

Tash Reeve

I’ve been tasked with the impossible: summarizing the value of Talia Oates as she celebrates her 50th game for the club. Truth be told, any Sheagle could pen this tribute for TO. She’s universally embraced – I will try my best to describe why!

Joining the club in 2020 and playing her first game in 2021, TO seamlessly floated between the Reserves and Senior teams before solidifying her place in the Senior backline in 2022. She was perhaps the Reserves’ best-kept secret; a player capable of launching a 40m drop punt and plucking contested marks all over the ground. Personally, I relished playing alongside TO on the half-back line. She executed feats I could only dream of, out-marking Premier-graded centre-half forwards with exceptional skill, making it look easy.

In a stroke of genius midway through 2023, TO was swung forward to test her capabilities further up the field. In my (expert, of course!) opinion, her composure and poise in the forward line proved pivotal throughout our premiership year. It was an important piece of the puzzle. Her game particularly soared during the finals series, and her contributions were instrumental in our eventual grand final success. I’ll never forget that. These days, TO continues to execute this role in a way that is appreciated within our group. She battles against two or three defenders hanging off her shoulders.. unfortunately, a price she has to pay for being THAT good.

Talia exudes coolness and calmness in everything she does. Whether she’s curating the pre-game music playlist or having a little too much fun at club events/season launches, TO always keeps her composure. Her approach is always gentle and incredibly kind. The more I reflect on it, the more I realize why she’s so beloved within our team. Talia embodies patience, genuineness, cleverness, and always brings a light-hearted sense of humour to every situation. I’ve never heard a negative word spoken about her, and how could there be?! Yes, she’s a brilliant and competitive player, but footy clubs and team environments thrive because of individuals like her. She has formed friendships with everyone so effortlessly, and I see how passionately she celebrates everyone else’s wins and achievements. I hope we can reciprocate that same joy for you this weekend in your milestone game. Here’s hoping for another 50 games together, more flags, and more snags!

Lani Pane


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