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Milestone Games – Saturday 25 May 2024

Congratulations to Hayley Harley who will play her 50th game this weekend against Old Brighton!

WOW, H’s BIG 50th! How exciting!

H started at the club in 2019 with no footy experience, playing lacrosse originally (very niche sport btw) but thank god she lacrossed over to our great sport. I think you’ve found your calling. Don’t know if your any good at lacrosse but can confirm your pre good at footy. (Editors Note: H represented Australia at Lacrosse and Ten Pin Bowling)

You’re sooooooooooo tough, literally a brick wall and thank god you’re on my team and not the my opponent. Lucky enough I get to call H a fellow backman.

I recon the most important thing when playing in the backline is having TRUST in your team mate. You have to trust that your team mate will win that footy everytime. And We all have sooooo much trust in you H. I back you to win that footy over anyone. To have that in a fellow backman is such a privilege and thankyouuu so so much for putting in effort so i don’t have to, makes my job much easier

The second most important thing when being a backman I think is not being hesitant on your decision. H you don’t hesitate in anything you do and you do everything with such confidence that even if it was the wrong choice not a soul would question it. For example, Going for a punch, H you’ll punch the shit out of that ball and send that ball literally back to the mid field, even if there was a clear mark to be had. But you do it with such confidence no one questions it.

You’re a mum of twins and still continue to show up in elite form and it amazes me everyday.

I still remember to this day the first training H came back post twins. I saw her run in and was like wtf didn’t u just give birth….. She responded so casually, yeah 8 weeks ago…. I don’t know a lot about giving birth and the recovery timing but 8 weeks, WOW – I sure would of milked that card as long as I could – But I guess H is a tougher and more resilient person than I will ever be.

However there is one thing that I’ve noticed over the years that does make H a bit grumpy and that’s lack of water. We’ve all been that waterboy, who runs out and not a soul takes your water and you think what a waste of a run. NOT WITH H. If you have water and you run out near H, she will probably drink the whole bottle, but as a waterboy you love that, you feel like you’ve succeeded in your job. So thankyou H for taking my water. All you water carriers, seek H!

In all seriousness I really do want to give you a shout out on such a big achievement. 50 games at one club is hard to get! That’s roughly 4 years of your life, training and playing at the same club, that takes a lot of dedication and commitment and to continue doing it post twins…… bloody incredible.

We take on the top side this week, and I wouldn’t want to run out with anyone else. Wouldn’t it be amazing to beat Brighton for H 50th game! So let’s all get around H and get the win this week for her! Love you lots H

Angie Wang-Hartman

This week the Sheags celebrate 50 games for the legendary Hayley Harley, or as we know her H. Joining the club in 2019, H embraced the culture and people to fit in almost instantly.

I have had the pleasure of sharing the backline with H and on the field, she is a strength not to be messed with. You can bet on her to beat her opponent with poise and great skill and there’s nothing better than a H one on one, seeing her spoil the mark her opponent is trying to take but H’s fist launches the ball back in the other direction. Woah incredible! H has this natural talent for all that she does and I’m so glad I get to play alongside her and not against her. Although H is tough, H is also a sweet soul. After H has cleared the ball with all her might and the play is far into our forward line you will often hear H having chats and dealing compliments to the opposition. Once I heard her say “Mate, I love the pink socks you guys have! Do you wear them every game?”. For someone like me who is known for their white line fever this blows my mind but H is the best of both worlds. She can play hard and make friends at the same time.

We all know how strong H is and to prove it she’s made some impressive achievements and memorable moments. First of all she represented Australia for lacrosse and ten pin bowling. I wish I’d seen your strike celebration. H also gave birth to two beautiful twins and came back to play 7 weeks later and in the same year played, dominated and won the grand final. In that very grand final H played on injuries but still kept her VFL playing opponent to minimal touches and 0 goals. And of course who could forget H’s shocking head bump with her fellow team mate as we warmed up for our Trinity game.

Off the field H is a kind, supportive and generous friend. You can always have a chat with her and she’s always up for a good time.

I’m so glad H brought her talents to the Sheags but most importantly I’m so glad H chose the Sheags and I got to make a new friend. Congratulations on your 50th this weekend. Can’t wait for you to dominate and to see you be showered in hugs, because we all know how much you love those. You’re a legend H so go hard this weekend like you always do and make your opponent wish she was matched up with someone else. Go H!

Anja Anderson


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