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Milestone Games – Saturday 22 June 2024

Congratulations to Matthew Capetola (100 games), Harry Pertile (50 games) and Sean Hibberd (50 games) on their milestones this week!

Matthew Capetola

This week we get to celebrate 100 games of Cappa.

I feel lucky to of been asked to say a few words about cap, but I also feel extremely lucky to of been alongside Cap throughout life.

We’ve grown up sharing some extraordinary memories together, but more importantly I’ve been able to see the growth and development of Cappa. Not only from a footy aspect, but in life as well.

I’ve been able to play with Cap through school and now old boys, which is around 12 years. We’ve shared two premierships together (and 2 iconic photos) which we still talk about today, and these are some memories I will cherish forever.

Not only off field is he one of the best, but on field also. A talented, silky and clean player that has been pivotal for this club over a number of years. It was great for Cap to finally get the recognition he deserved by winning the club Best and Fairest in 2023 (after missing a fair chunk of the year with injury). Cap probably wont tell you this stat, as he is so humble in what he does that he just gets on with business, but I am so happy his efforts were able to be highlighted.

Cap has developed himself into a leader, and although he may not know this, the whole club idolises him as a person and as a player. He has undertaken new roles and responsibilities this year, being voted as Vice-Captain by his pears and notably leading the team a couple of times this year which was a challenge he faced head on.

People like Cap don’t come around often, so to be able to best mates with someone like him, is a win in itself. Not only me, but so many people play at Marcellin because of people like Cap.

Happy 100 mate, this week we do it for you.

Patrick Howe

A huge week for Marcellin footy is here as Matthew Capetola prepares to run out in the Eagle’s jumper for the 100th time. Cappa has become one of the favourite sons of the club over the last few years. His contribution to the club is a testament to his hard work, perseverance and unwavering commitment which have all resulted in him becoming one of our best players and someone who is valued extremely highly by his teammates as a player, and more importantly, as a person.

My favourite teammate to run out alongside of, not just because we are great friends, but because he brings out the best in others through skill, work-rate and more recently, leadership.

Cappa, enjoy every moment of this special occasion and take pride in how far you’ve come. Very keen to see Nino supporting strongly from the sidelines in his camp chair.

Here’s to celebrating a significant milestone and looking forward to many more memorable games ahead. Proud of you mate.

Adam Tomaro

Harry Pertile

Congratulations to Harry Pertile on reaching the 50 games milestone this weekend!

I’ve had the pleasure of playing footy with H during our time in the 19s and again in the reserves last year. In the past years Perts has been known to terrorise opposition key backs as on any day he would go out and without a doubt kick a bag on them, rarely losing a 1v1 contest.

A passionate Carlton supporter, Harry liked to make the comparisons to a young Harry Mckay but with a move to the backline this year I believe the Jacob Weitering comparison is much more fitting. Although this year hasn’t been without its hiccups with Harry missing the early part of the year with injury when he mysteriously turned up to training in a moon boot. When asked about the injury Harry said that he’d “stepped on a shoe that was in his room” and managed to somehow fracture his foot.

Regardless he’s back on the track now and once again congrats H on your 50th game for the club, well deserved mate, go well this weekend.

Michael Ellway

Sean Hibberd

Big congratulations to Sean on achieving the 50 games milestone at Marcellin.

Sean’s football career started at the young age of 9, playing his junior career at Ivanhoe where he was a superstar at junior level, having multiple top 3 finishes in his club B&F’s. Through his career, Sean has never been one to take a backwards step, charging head-first into each and every contest. His courage on the footy field is something which has always inspired his teammates, knowing he’s the first to get his hands dirty to win his team the footy.

It’s not only his ability to win the footy which is loved, it’s also his team first mentality. He is the first to run back defensively or lay a heavy tackle, doing whatever he can to support his team.

Seans love for the game is what made him come back to Marcellin after a three year break, loving his time and involvement with the club.

Congratulations Sean!

Adam De Girolamo


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