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Milestone Games – Round 6

We would like to congratulate Daniel Lunn and Maddy Rush who will both run out for their milestone games this weekend.

Daniel Lunn

On behalf of the entire Marcellin community, we congratulate Lunny on playing his 100th game for the club.

It is fair to say that Lunny lives and breathes footy in every sense, and this is highlighted by his dedication through his association with the football clubs he has played for over the years, including a life membership for the Banyule Junior Football Club, consistently representing the College during his school years and now into the Old Boys. 

Lunny has always represented the Old Boys with class and pride, being a strong 19s performer, which resulted into being a locked selection of a strong reserves side that fell just short in a Grand Final loss in 2017.  Lunny earned his senior debut in 2018, in the same game Leigh Montagna made his debut for the club.  Lunny said in the lead up to that game there would be a great photo opportunity of himself singing the song with Leigh if they were to win, and when Marcellin lead by 50 against eventual premiers Fitzroy halfway through the second quarter, we all thought this possibility might eventuate.  Unfortunately, Fitzroy came back and cancelled any hopes of that photo. 

Lunny’s has always been a talented footballer, with his childhood career highlighted by his elite cross country running abilities.  A lean, hard-running junior footballer who always a coaches favourite, Lunny would always lead the running blocks and drive the fitness level on the training track.  Lunny claimed a couple 2km time trials in his early days at Marcellin, but as full time work responsibilities began, combined with his obsession for a good Banh Mi, it is fair to say Lunny has had to evolve his game into a thicker bodied halfback who rarely gives up a 1 on 1, whilst selectively timing his turn to go with a burst of pace and line breaking ability from yesteryear.  He is the ultimate professional at draining the clock on kick ins, when needed, and he appreciates the nuances of the game.  This is evident where he credited a pivotal moment in an early season win this year was because of his ability to win the toss and to kick with the wind.

The strongest facet of his game is undoubtedly his leadership.  Lunny has always been recognised in the leadership group of every team he has played for, which has now progressed to his third year as the Reserve’s captain this year, being the clear successor to current coach Thomas Black.  Lunny’s poise is not only evident by his actions on the field, where is direction and vocality is second to none, but his off field impact is even more profound with his genuine interest to connect with everyone at the club, always chatting to players and supporters as well as being a great soundboard between the coaches and the playing group.

Lunny’s a part of a proud family to the Marcellin community, supported by his brother and fellow teammate Pat, and his father Tim, whose efforts are never unnoticed on gameday.  Once again, we wish you all the best when you run out onto the Bray this Sunday, Go well!

Andrew Menegas

Maddy Rush

The first training I went to I remember getting home from training and talking to dad about some of the girls that were there. We were talking and I mentioned that there was a girl called Maddy Rush at training and my god the reaction I got from dad was genuinely like I had just said buddy Franklin was training. Fair to say he was pretty excited there was another Rushy running at Marcellin. The next night I went to a family dinner and my Aunty asked if I was playing with a girl called Maddy Rush and I was thinking my god who is this girl and do I need to take a restraining order out against my family cause this is getting creepy. This all happened before I think I had even had the chance to talk to Maddy so to say I had pretty high expectations about you was an understatement. Safe to say Maddy you did not disappoint and I now fully understand my family’s slightly concerning obsession with you.

Maddy might be on of the most skilful players that I’ve had the pleasure of playing with. After her brief stint in the ressies with me in 2021 I thought I’d never get the chance to play with her again but it’s been an absolute treat to get to play with her again this year. Maddy is the type of player that just understands footy and is genuine star wherever she gets put on the field. It’s hard to say what Maddy’s most dangerous position is is cause she’s that good. Wether it’s expertly hitting one of her teammates on the chest or when she blazes off the half backline or when she’s creating havoc on the wing hearing the opposition yell “who the heck is on number 20” or even when she sneaks forward and kicks a few snags with goal celebrations that concern my grandpa, Maddy is unstoppable in any position. Truely I think the only game she was stopped was against Caulfield last year and it was only after a pot hole at Bulleen park took her out of the game.

Not only is she a star on the field Maddy has been integral to building the culture at the club. Maddy is the type of person that will talk to you about anything (just don’t mention skims to her unless you’ve got a couple of hours to spare) and you know she’ll always be there to pick you up when you need it. Her genuine care for all her team mates on and off the field is something truely amazing and she goes over and above to make sure you feel welcome. It clearly shows with the appointment of you as vice captain this year just how much you mean to all the girls sitting here tonight but it’s a real testament to who you are.

We are very lucky to have had you apart of our team and I can’t wait to hopefully run out with you this Saturday to celebrate your amazing career so far. Congratulations on 50 games it is nothing short of amazing achievement and thank you for everything that you do on the field, for the club and for your team mates cause we all truely appreciate it.

Also just a quick side note my families obsession is still strong I asked my grandpa who he’d give best on last week and he plainly said not me but he’d give the votes to that little red head, safe to say Rushy the adoption papers are waiting for you.

Tess Menzies

As we’ve been seeing girls reach the 50 game mark, I couldn’t be prouder to see one of our 2018 girls join that club.

Rushy has enriched my experience at this football club beyond measure, providing me with one of the greatest gifts I have at Marcellin… Lachy Rush

If I were to play the highlight reel of my relationship with rushy over the years, I wouldn’t know where to begin… probably with my disdain toward her for the first few weeks of her time here when I had convinced myself that she was sent from the opposition to spy on us.

There are certainly a few other moments that stand out for me:
The reenactment of the Jingle Bell Rock dance performed in Mean Girls on stage at a Byron Bay hostel
Her introducing me to bay kebabs on this same footy trip, which was not a great start to my offseason
Her performance against St Mary’s in round 2 of this year
Voluntarily accompanying me to a sports bar in Boronia, or as Rushy sees it – the end of the earth
An effortless goal assist in the 2018 GF that I was lucky enough to be on the end of

It should be of note that Rushys nous when it comes to board games is absolute top tier, so take this as a warning that if you ever find yourself opposing her, you’re in strife. This was emphasised during the lockdowns of 2020/21 where rushy was always up for a zoom to play codenames or whatever rubbish was on that house party app.

She is also probably the funniest teammate I’ve come across in my time here, which is saying something given how much time I spend with myself.

Rushy epitomises what makes this club so great. From the inception of the women’s team we have been a family club. With her inclusion we have gained her dad Anthony who’s often out on game-day taking action shots, her mum Therese who delivers some absolutely savage one liners, more often than I’d like at my own expense. And of course her brother who in my opinion sets the standard for how all full forwards should behave on and off the field.
Special mention to Rolf who rarely missed a game, and now Loki.

Rushy has proven herself as one of the more committed and determined girls at the club. It’s rare to turn up to a training session or gameday and not see her there, always arriving early to get to work. Her ability on the field has come in leaps and bounds, with her showcasing her growth in a variety of positions, from half forward, to back pocket, to the wing or starring in the midfield. For anyone looking to improve their game, look no further than Maddy Rush as the gold standard in how to do so.

Her elevation to the leadership group this year only further solidifies her status at this club. Rushy is respected by her team mates and her on field performance has put the opposition on notice.

I was fortunate enough to play in a premiership with Rushy and although we haven’t spoken too explicitly of it in the 5 years since, I know we both are so driven and eager to be able to achieve that again. I think that ability to be on the same page, sharing that common goal and putting in the work towards it, without needing to specifically discuss it, that is something really special and speaks to that intangible value that Rushy has as a teammate.

Rushy, I’m in awe of you as a player, as a teammate and as a friend. For some reason, to this day if I call you answer. And I think that sums you up. So on Saturday, your 50th calls, and we will bloody answer.

Jennae Wakefield


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