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Milestone Games – Round 3

We would like to congratulate Joseph Licciardi and Laura Robertson who will lineup for milestone games this weekend!

Joseph Licciardi

Joes story to 100 games for the Marcellin Football Club is one of the most interesting and unique you’ll ever read.

It all begins with a young boy who had a love for the dark navy blues of Carlton. Idolizing the likes of Koutoufides, Silvagni and Fevola, Joe passionately followed suit to his heroes becoming a young gun for his Eltham Football club. Skills and knowledge came naturally to the curly headed prodigy, but what separated Joe from the others was his incredible pace.

All these attributes lead to Eltham winning 5 top tier junior grand finals in a row, and rumblings around the league were who knew where this kid could end up. But in a shocking turn of events, Joe and his family packed their bags and moved to France.

This was an investment into Joes round ball career. The “world game” if you will, was truly blessed with Josephs presence on the pitch, where the soccer megastars of today once went toe to toe with our great friend. Word has it that Zidane thought he was “the chosen one”, but unfortunately for Joe his family had to move back to the land of Aus, ending any hopes of his European soccer career.

Joe picked up his Aussie rules life back at Marcellin in 2014 where he was a key pillar in the eventual under 19’s runners up side to old Ivanhoe in what was an incredible season. That year Joe and myself ironically named ourselves as key defenders the ‘Berlin wall’.. and we all know how that one ended. However in a sign of his versatility, the great man lead the goal kicking one year in the reserves.

The gift Joey’s been given is the ability to make anyone in the club rooms laugh, even at his own expense. He is considered by many to be a player who attacks the game with great courage and makes you walk taller (probably because he’s tensing all the time).

It’s taken longer than usual to get to 100 games but this club has been a great place for Licca over the years, I’m glad we’ve been here together the whole time and look forward to the next 100 hey Joey!!

Joshua James

Laura Robertson

Congratulations to a club favourite, Laura “Junior” Robertson, on reaching 50 games this weekend.

I have had the pleasure of playing the majority of my junior and senior football alongside Laura, which inevitably forms a special kind of bond between us and our families. In fact I wouldn’t be at the club today if it wasn’t for the Robbo’s.

It is absolutely no secret that Laura exudes natural talent as a footballer. There is no doubt about that. I’ll never forget – in juniors, I’d wake up earlier than I needed to, have my kit folded and ready, I followed a tight schedule.. ate properly, made sure I had stretched, practiced some skills – all before arriving to the ground. The wind could change direction and I’d play an average game at best. Meanwhile, I hear Laura slept in her kit, rolled out of bed right before Sue has pushed her into the car – footy boots slung over her shoulder in a plastic bag. Turns up, dominates, and returns home for a nap. Then the next day, she would show up and star for the U14s boys team. If that’s not natural talent, I don’t know what is.

That has quite obviously translated to senior footy, and it makes me so glad to see her now pushing for a VFLW spot each week, playing at a level that she deserves. I’m proud to see her recognise her own talent, but also show determination to improve and refine it. She is an asset to any team.. but you all know that already.

Laura is a competitive, passionate player who loves playing with her mates. She wears her heart on her sleeve, and never walks off the ground without giving complete effort for the team. It has been such a fun ride, winning premierships with Laura and watching her achieve personal awards and various game milestones across her career. It has also been interesting to bear witness to some of the weird things that come out of her mouth. Or to support her through a long recovery for a knee injury that occurred on a dancefloor. And let’s not even talk about that ankle injury.

The Robertson name has become synonymous with this footy club, so it’s fantastic to see another sibling get their name on the board. Laura, you’re a stellar teammate, and always a bubbly and energetic friend to have around. When a player is consistently performing at a high level, it inspires and motivate others to do the same. In this way, Laura pushes everyone to strive for excellence. This group is lucky to have her.

Congrats on 50 games June, looking forward to running out with you this weekend!

Lani Pane

Laura was one of the inaugrual Sheagles to pull on the maroon, blue and gold in 2017. Impressively, this was whilst still playing for her junior team. Since then, she has gone on to create a very impressive list of achievements.

It’s been a pleasure growing up playing football with Laura. Although we were on opposing teams, I always knew she was “that girl” who had already played 100 junior games. It’s made me realise that ’50 games’ is a little bit of a stitch up considering you’re probably close to 200 now! Nonetheless, 50 games as a Senior Sheagle is a very special achievement in itself.

Laura plays football with pure grit and determination. She dominates with composure – when she has the footy in hand, she seems to stop the play around her, similar to that of Scott Pendlebury. She is an absolute weapon through the midfield, and she can also hit the scoreboard. Her game knowledge is second to none, and she’s someone I’ve always looked up to for her footy abilities. She possesses great leadership qualities and is someone you can always trust on the footy field.

Laura is definitely a competitive beast. She may send a little spray your way, but she is the first person to pick you up and make her teammates better. Whilst Laura takes her football very seriously, she definitely has a silly side on-field. You’ll often catch her bursting into some sort of tiktok dance or twerk or anything else strange.

Off-field, Laura is a very generous and kind-hearted person. She is someone you can always count on to have your back and support you.

Alongside this milestone, Laura has accumulated a number of accolades during her journey to 50 games. She was an integral member of the 2017 premiership – being named the Best on Ground. Since then, she has gone on to win 2x Club Best and Fairest’s. The 2018 VAFA Rising Star, 3x VAFA Team of the Year awards and earned her spot in the VAFA Big V squad. Laura’s perseverance and resilience returning from a horrific ankle injury has led her to her most recent achievement in playing VFLW for Carlton – one I am incredibly proud of!

Laura, I am so excited to run out with you for your 50th game on the weekend. We’ve shared so many fun footy memories together and I can’t wait to continue sharing more both on the field and off the field. You are one of my dearest friends who I know I’ll have for a very long time. Congrats again on 50 games!

Annie Xanthos


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