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Milestone Games – Round 12

Congratulations to Julia Melitsis for her fantastic achievement – hitting 50 games this weekend for the Women!

A huge congratulations to Jules on reaching the 50-game milestone, it’s an incredible achievement that you should be very proud of. It’s a real reflection of your commitment and dedication to the club over the years and we know there’s plenty more to come.

Since her arrival at the club in 2018, Jules has been a valuable member of the team playing a key role in our forward line. With her trademark chest marks and iconic double fist pump goal celebrations, she quickly became a much-loved member of our team. Her innate ability to read the ball and move around our forward fifty has seen her get on the end of many classy goals throughout her career. In just her first year with the club, she played an integral part in our 2018 reserves premiership side, kicking many goals throughout the season and earning herself the coaches’ award for her dedication throughout the year.

Each year, she has continued to develop her forward craft, getting better and better, contributing to the player she is today. Even after a year off in 2021, she has returned to her blistering form, not skipping a beat. She goes about her footy in a team-first and humble manner and as a fellow member of the quiet achiever club, she gets the job done with little fuss.

Outside of football, Jules has a few hidden talents. She has amazed us with her angelic singing on social media, and if this wasn’t enough, she also quietly boasts one of the highest TikTok followings of all the Sheagles, impressing with her silky dance moves.

Jules has been a great teammate over the years, always bringing a positive attitude whether it’s pre-season, training, a win or a loss. This attitude has undoubtedly contributed to the reason you’ve reached 50 games. Your positivity is especially helpful on those freezing mornings when we all often question why we still play.

Best of luck on Saturday Jules. Hopefully, it’s a memorable one and we can celebrate some snags with you.

Tania Carpinteri

it really brings me a lot of joy seeing girls who have come to this club, particularly on their own, and reach the 50 game milestone. This case is certainly no different.

Jules has actually been at the club since 2018. The seasons that she has been a part of are really a mixed bag, with an amazing debut season, capped off as a premiership player in the inaugural Premier Women’s Reserves comp. This was followed by a somewhat tumultuous 2019 where numbers were hard to come by and we missed our first finals series. 2020 we were off to a flyer in the preseason but that of course ended up being the season that never was, due to the Covid-19 pandemic. In 2021 Jules quietly stepped away to complete her masters. Following this, Jules didn’t skip a beat and promptly returned for the 2022 preseason, where again, numbers were down and we found ourselves in unfamiliar territory on the lower end of the ladder.

Now whilst the outcomes of these seasons are really all over the shop, it’s fair to say that’s never been the case when it comes to Jules’ on-field performance, she is as consistent as they come. That first season where numbers were down in 2019, we really had to put in the hard yards, and wins were few and far between. There is one win however, that stands out to me in this season. Facing Fitzroy at their home in a grand final rematch, Jules won the game of her own boot with 4 sensational goals. It’s just the Jules way. She’s not out there showboating against the easier sides in the comp. Week after week she plays her role, and even in the tightest of contests she finds a way to step up, taking chest marks out of absolutely nowhere, and going back and slotting a goal off a set shot. I’d actually be curious to know how many misses Jules has had, if any.

It would be remiss of me to not bring up a few of Jules’ off-field highlights. There have been a number season launches where Jules has absolutely come to play, one of which ending in her having to be put in an Uber by our captain at 3am outside the Precinct. Our 2019 BnF was another occasion where Jules was on fire, clicking her fingers at the waiters to “top her up” … she was later picked up by her dad. For those of you who enjoy alliteration I’ll give you this one – Silly Saturday Spew’s at Sues. I believe that eloquently sums up Jules’ efforts at last years Silly Saturday, where after a theatrical performance for the ages in our little sheagles wedding, Jules turned around and projectiled all over the floor at Sue Robbo’s. Jules briefly beating out Angie and Pommy for the first spew of the night. It’s safe to say that the most disappointing part of this was that we were just about to head to Karaoke, and I’m devastated that we missed out on a musical performance by Jules.

I don’t know how this went under the radar for so long but apparently Jules is some kind of TikTok star, with over 100,000 followers and 17.5 million likes. For some reason though after some digging I’ve found her account has actually been banned so I’d love to get to the bottom of that one #JusticeForJules. If you keep a keen eye out though on insta you’ll be treated to snippets of acoustic covers and what I believe would be best described as some popping and locking dance routines.

In all seriousness, I really do want to give you a shout out on such a big achievement in 50 games Jules. We come up against the top team this week and I feel like you wouldn’t have it any other way. And so we’re gonna do everything in our power to get the win this week, and I have very little doubt that at some point, we’ll get you taking a chest mark about 20 out from goal and slotting it through the big sticks, celebrating with the signature Jules double fist pump.

Jennae Wakefield


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