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Milestone Games – Round 11

Congratulations to Tess Menzies who will take the field this weekend for her 50th game against Old Brighton!

It was preseason 2020 and my first ever training at the club. One of the first people I saw was Tess Menzies. We had last seen each other at our primary school graduation 9 years previously. I remembered her mainly as the girl who always won at cross country and our shared birthday, something we still find just as exciting as we did as 10-year-olds. In typical Tess fashion, she welcomed me with open arms, and those 9 years quickly felt like nothing. I think we can all agree there couldn’t be a more friendly face to welcome anyone to our club.

On the field she’s an incredible asset, her primary school cross country credentials clearly compliment her football skills. Her running game, passion and smart decisions earnt her a very well deserved best and fairest in 2022. She is the epitome of a team player, her tireless efforts and tackling pressure make her a joy to play with. She’ll be the first to pick you up and provide words of encouragement and advice. However, she seems less encouraging to our umpires. Every game I play with Tess makes me appreciate I’m not the one copping it for whatever wrong decision was made as she throws her hands up in distain. Her passion for this club comes only second to her beloved Sydney Swans. I recently sat next to Tess at an important club meeting, and witnessed her poor attempt to divide attention between watching one of these clubs on her Kayo app as the other club made a desperate plea for much needed volunteers.

In all seriousness, Tess’s commitment to our club ensured her quick road to 50 games. From memory with the exception of COVID and perhaps a possible broken nose she’s hardly missed a game. During our more desperate times last year, she would play a full ressies game, and then, with no complaints help out for the seniors. Tess, thank you also for keeping Damo around the club – he is definitely our favourite runner we’ve had to date. Her stamina, repeat efforts, loud communication, and teammate support continues off field at all our club events. Tess is ever present and raring to go at every footy function. It’s not a Marcellin night out without Tess Menzies antics.

Tess, you everything that is great about our club, congratulations on 50 memorable games.

Charlotte McGilp

Tess you are an integral part of the Marcellin women’s program and I am very excited to be celebrating your 50th game on the weekend.

Tess and I met over 10 years ago, at believe it or not a hip hop dance class, where I thought her older sister was pretty cool. Little did I know I would find a life long friend in Tess, who loved footy as much as I did. Tess has always been extremely selfless and I will always thank her for creating two amazing opportunities in my life;

  1. Seeing the 2016 Grand Final in a Sydney Swans bay and, most importantly
  2. Introducing me to the Marcellin community

I am amazed by your commitment to Marcellin and it’s no surprise to me that you are one of the first in your year to achieve this great milestone, even if the number is slightly inflated. In your time at Marcellin, we have loved seeing you grow, become a great leader and be awarded best and fairest last year.

We all know that Tess develops white line fever and likes to talk a big game out on the field. My favourite memory is her pointing and yelling “that is disgusting” from at least 10 metres away. It took us almost a whole season, of Flick politely telling us in the car on the drive home, that every opponent she has had was nice and maybe we are the problem….

Luckily for us, Tess is on our team and we know that she will always have our backs and pick us up when we need it.

We are so lucky to call you our friend and I’m incredibly lucky to call you the closest thing I have ever had to a sister. Congratulations again on the milestone of 50 games, we couldn’t be more proud.

Make sure you go out and smash em Saturday.

Sara McMillan


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