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Milestone Games – Round 10

Congratulations to James Barbuto (50 games) and Nick Watty (150 games) on their fantastic achievements this weekend as they both play in milestone games!!

James Barbuto

On behalf of the entire Marcellin Old Collegians community, we congratulate and commend James Barbuto on reaching the incredible milestone of 50 games.

Throughout James’ schooling he has always upheld the qualities that hold truest to an honest and respectable Marcellin man and this has clearly progressed into his life outside of Marcellin and is shown throughout his own footballing career.

James started playing for the Marcellin Old Boys in 2019, straight out of school and never had a second thought of playing elsewhere. Before James’ first preseason training session, an Old Boy of the club told James that everyone wears a suit to the first preseason training session. So, James being the gullible person that he is, wore a full suit with some pristine shoes to go with it to training. He soon discovered that nobody wears a suit to training. But to James’ credit he laughed it off and moved on. Throughout James’ career at the mighty Eagles, he has played mostly on the half forward line and would roll into the wing from time to time. Though not much of a hard ball getter, he loves a cheeky handball out of a stoppage and a paddock to run into to showcase his silky skills. His classy ball use, patience and smart footy IQ would be a dream for any coach to have and forwards adore when he has the ball and is kicking towards their direction.

Though his skills did not use to be this classy, he has improved substantially to compliment his excellent running capacity. James played U19s football for two years before progressing into the mighty Thirds playing group which he has been with ever since. I started playing with James when he first started in the U19s team and have continued playing with him ever since. After every game I get either a phone call or a text message from him explaining his thoughts on the game and where the team needs to improve. On one weekend I was away on vacation whilst one of the pre-season games were being played and straight after the game, he called me to explain how it went. The call went for 45 minutes, and I couldn’t get a word in. This man is the truest example of a person who lives and breathes this footy club.

Off the field, James has single-handedly held and maintained a Marcellin Thirds team over an incredibly difficult period over many years. Whilst balancing university studies, work, family and many other commitments, he has somehow found time when thrown in the deep end to manage the Thirds team whilst playing himself. To exemplify the impact that he has made on the group, last year in pre-season only 5 blokes showed up to a Thirds training session with only four weeks left before the season started. Within those four weeks, James recruited enough players that in the end we needed a rostering on and off system for the group. I’m sure you will agree that this is an incredible effort to go from possibly not having a Thirds team to the end result. This team did have an incredible and supportive coach, though had to withdrawal halfway through the season which sadden the group. But James once again stood up and held the team together. For the final part of the year James was the coach, captain and team manager all at the same time for the group. He is currently still playing in the mighty Thirds as the fearless captain and is hoping to push the team into finals this year.

James has done everything he can for this footy club and will continue to as he advances his career at the club that he truly adores. I welcome all players and supporters to watch this great man play his 50th game and showcase his classy skills. Go well mate!

Ben Rodwell

Nick Watty

Congratulations to Nick Watty on reaching the outstanding achievement of 150 games for MOCFC. Nick joined the club as a baby faced 18 year old in 2013, with much hype as a two-time Sale medalist during his school years, and has since proved to be the ultimate Marcellin Person. For over 10 years he has been a consistent, reliable and well loved member of both the Marcellin Old Collegians Football Club and Marcellin Old Collegians Cricket Club. His cricket commitments have conveniently prevented Nick from ever completing a preseason.

Nick has been staple in the reserves side, with his versatility allowing him to play an important role wherever the coaches need. His dedication and unwavering commitment to the club was rewarded with a well earned senior debut just last week in his 149th game.

Watty is the definition of a true clubman. You will find Watty at all social functions, often until stumps (unless Demons are playing, in which case he will arrive late after sharing several pints in the MCC with fellow journeyman James Baxter, and of late joyfully sing his club’s win loss record). Nick loves his mates, so much so that on occasion he has been known to walk down the road to Hungry Jacks for a post training frozen mango with ‘The Beer Garden’ – even if he didn’t quite make it to training that night. We can only hope that for his 150th game he is finally rewarded with a post training Krispy Kreme session.

Nick is a caring, generous and humble man, and a loyal friend. He is the first person to put his hand up to help, great fun to have a beer with, and a favourite team mate of many. It has been a pleasure to play with Watty all through school footy and for the last 10 years at MOCFC, and a privilege to call him our mate.

Patrick Hamblin, Adrian Bonato and Jeremiah Antypas

Dearest Nick Wottsons,

Anth Bonato may be credited with the name, but only you should be credited for the reputation you have around the club: One of the friendliest, happiest, pisstakingest and loosest teammates to don the jersey over the past decade.

On behalf of the Marcellin Community, congrats on such a massive achievement.

As a two-time Sale game medallist and after 148 games, the club’s acknowledgement of your footy prowess has been a long time coming but no doubt deserved. You play tough, you play honest and your commitment on the field is seldom overlooked. You make your teammates walk taller and the genuine positivity you bring to each game is unmatched.

Your transition to full back in your later years has brought out your beautiful, delicate bullets out of the backline, harkening back to your days at Greythorn where your kickouts would hit your teammates or opponents lace out.

Those that have had the blessed opportunity to run out with you in Marcellin colours will know the fun and joy you bring to each game, and that every handshake pregame and handball received from you probably is laced with some of your crotch sweat.

Despite making an iPhone disappear 150 times, rolling into Saturday footy hungover in your sweats to play full back takes more than god-given talent, it takes dedication. Compounding this is your impressive feat of backing up footy season into cricket season, proving your relentless drive to be a part of sporting club culture, which I don’t think many who have come and gone can measure up to, Parsnip.

You aren’t shy of on-field wonders either. I’ll always remember August 13th 2016. Your miraculous 7 point play in the dying seconds to seal a comeback from 4 goals down on ball day to beat the eventual premiers by a solitary point. What a moment that was. It’ll go down in the history books.

What I’ll remember most, however, when I look back on your career is the character you are. The smile, the laugh, the silliness and the antics. You demonstrate true passion for the enjoyable side of sport and for me, and so many others, your presence is what makes footy so enjoyable.

Congrats on the terrific career, mate x

James Baxter

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Nick Watty on the incredible milestone he will reach this Saturday when he pulls on the maroon and blue for the 150th time.

Affectionally known as ‘The Parsnip’ Watty has been an incredibly loved member of the MOCFC for the past decade since he debuted with the club in 2013.

I wish I could sit here and describe to everyone Nick’s incredible training standards when it comes to his football that have allowed him to reach this milestone, however unfortunately this would really be stretching the truth. Watty has devised and strictly followed a ‘less is more’ approach over the past 5 years to preserve the health of his body. Watty has stated ‘he just knows when it’s time’ to return to training in mid to late February each pre-season after a significant portion of it has already been completed.

And who could argue with the results? Watty never misses a game and plays to an incredibly high standard each week playing one of the hardest positions on the ground rotating between Centre Half Back and Full Back. He has been one of the first picked for the Reserves for years, such is his reliability to get the job done on gameday. He is courageous when the ball is in the air, intensely disciplined defensively and is a beautiful user of the football. When you couple this with the fact he is a teammate that brings a positive, friendly and supportive energy to the team environment it makes for a hell of a mix and is why everybody at the football club loves playing or being involved with Nick.

It hasn’t always been smooth sailing however, with Nicks U/19’s coach Jordy Wise having to block Watty’s phone number such was the persistent nature of his calls in the early hours of a Sunday morning after a win. Watty was desperately trying to reach him to come out drinking with the players at 2:30am much to the displeasure of Jordy, but moreso his wife who reportedly was also woken up repeatedly by the calls.
Nick however is now truly ageing like a fine wine, breaking through for his senior debut last weekend in game 149 and contributing strongly. With this he joined esteemed company of the select few that have represented both MOCFC and MOCCC in the firsts.

I implore all members of the Marcellin community to make an effort to get down to the College on Saturday afternoon to celebrate this milestone for a man who will never ask for it, but thoroughly deserves the recognition.

Watty, thankyou for the teammate and friend you have been over the years. Whether it’s a Whopper in the Hungry Jack’s ‘Beer Garden’ after Thursday night selection, a round of golf, a pint in the Frank Grey Smith bar watching the Dees or those early Monday mornings listening to Gary Eastwood on Silly Sunday it’s been a blast.

There’s a lot of footy left in those well rested legs and who knows, maybe we’ll be sharing a celebratory parma TOGETHER on the last Saturday in September this year. #IntheNickof150

Patrick Lunn


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