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Club Announcement – Peter Simpson

To all the members and supporters of the Marcellin Old Collegians Football Club,

I sadly wish to advise you of the departure of General Manager Peter Simpson, effective at the end of June.

Peter has been offered an exciting new senior leadership opportunity in cricket administration, a role that Peter had a strong passion for and one that I gave my blessing for him to explore further.

Peter has spent the last decade in General Manager roles at Old Xaverians, Old Scotch and the Marcellin Old Collegians Football Club. Although he has had a tremendous history in football administration, his love for cricket made this opportunity a fantastic role for him to utilise his expertise and it would be remiss of the club not to allow him to seek out this opportunity.

Since commencing with the Eagles in November 2023, Peter has worked tirelessly in a wide range of activities to help assist and build the club further. He has helped deliver many projects that the Committee would have been unable to address due to their resource constraints and has greatly reduced the burden on all volunteers during this time.

He has also been a key liaison with many stakeholders, such as the VAFA, Marcellin College, the Committee, our Corporate Partners, coaches, team managers, medical staff, umpires, Coterie Sub-Committees and volunteers.

During Peter’s time with the Eagles, the club has achieved the following:

  • An increase to our corporate partnerships and club members, and a stronger connection with our sponsor group and members;
  • An increase in player sponsorships;
  • Assisting with the establishment of the Platinum Coterie Group which will help grow and develop the club on a long-term scale; and
  • The development and approval of the Strategic Plan (which we will discuss further this Saturday).

The club is in a stronger position than where it was 9 months ago, and I on behalf of the club and the Committee want to thank Peter for the hard work and countless hours he has put in to make that happen. He will be sadly missed.

His close attention to detail has allowed him to do a power of work with the VAFA, Marcellin College, Committee, Corporate Partners, coaches, team managers, medical staff, club umpires, Coterie Sub-committee, and volunteers and as such he will be sadly missed within the football club. We wish him all the best in his new venture, which we are sure he will excel in.

In his absence the club will be taking steps to ensure that the hard work of Peter is not undone, and the Committee will work over the next few months to work out next steps.

Kind regards,
David Howe


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