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Milestone Games – Round 11

Congratulations to Tess Menzies who will take the field this weekend for her 50th game against Old Brighton! It was preseason 2020 and my first ever training at the club. One of the first people I saw was Tess Menzies. We had last seen each other at our primary school graduation 9 years previously. I remembered her mainly as the girl who always won at cross country and our shared birthday, something we still find just as exciting as we did as 10-year-olds. In typical Tess fashion, she welcomed me with open arms, and those 9 years quickly felt like nothing. I think we can all agree there...

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Milestone Games – Round 10

Congratulations to James Barbuto (50 games) and Nick Watty (150 games) on their fantastic achievements this weekend as they both play in milestone games!! James Barbuto On behalf of the entire Marcellin Old Collegians community, we congratulate and commend James Barbuto on reaching the incredible milestone of 50 games. Throughout James’ schooling he has always upheld the qualities that hold truest to an honest and respectable Marcellin man and this has clearly progressed into his life outside of Marcellin and is shown throughout his own footballing career. James started playing...

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Milestone Games – Round 9

Congratulations to both Daniel Ortisi and Steph Bridge who will both play their 50th games this weekend! Daniel Ortisi The PUG 50!! Congratulations on 50 games – huge day for you and well deserved. Our football journey together does not date back that far, I have only been around for the back half of your 50 games but it’s been a fun one in the short time we have shared it together. Back in early to mid-2021 we started our journey going for kicks with Adsy at Koonung Oval Reserve, most of the time having the oval to ourselves due to lockdown. We played many games of 50 and nailed...

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Milestone Games – Round 7

We wish to congratulate Patrick Lunn who will play his 150th game this weekend against Old Ivanhoe! A fantastic achievement for a great clubman, we wish Lunny the best of luck for the upcoming game. On behalf of the Marcellin Old Collegians Football Club and wider Marcellin Community, we congratulate Lunny on his 150th game against arch rivals Old Ivanhoe this Sunday. Lunny has been a well respected and loved member of MOCFC over the past 10 years. Lunny arrived to the club as a skinny, immature 18yo, who quite literally only cared about 3 things, being Richmond FC, KFC AFL SuperCoach...

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Milestone Games – Round 3

We would like to congratulate Joseph Licciardi and Laura Robertson who will lineup for milestone games this weekend! Joseph Licciardi Joes story to 100 games for the Marcellin Football Club is one of the most interesting and unique you’ll ever read. It all begins with a young boy who had a love for the dark navy blues of Carlton. Idolizing the likes of Koutoufides, Silvagni and Fevola, Joe passionately followed suit to his heroes becoming a young gun for his Eltham Football club. Skills and knowledge came naturally to the curly headed prodigy, but what separated Joe from the others...

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Milestone Games – Round 2

We would like to congratulate Annie Xanthos and Jack Pierce who will play their 50th games this weekend! Annie Xanthos I am so excited to be honouring one of my great friends and favourite teammates, Annie Xanthos, who will be playing her 50th game this weekend. A real positive to being dropped from VFLW! Yes – when Annie is not an Eagle, she is a Kanga.. and before that, she was a Bulldog. Through a lot of hard work and determination, Annie has consistently trained and played at a VFLW level, all whilst maintaining a secure spot as a Sheag.. whether she’s on the wing, in the forward...

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