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Milestone Games – Saturday 20 July 2024

Congratulations to Lani Pane (100 games), Matt Kenna (100 games), Aidan Prato (100 games) and Zoe Glascott (50 games) on their milestones this weekend! Lani Pane This week we get to celebrate the first womens player to reach 100 games in the maroon, blue and gold. This is not only an incredible personal achievement for Lani, but a special milestone for the club. It goes hand in hand, in being a very fitting reward for her dedication and pure passion for our team and this club. Lani is the most humble achiever I have ever met. She quite frankly doesn’t have much belief in herself...

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Milestone Games – Saturday 29 June 2024

Congratulations to Talia Oates, who will play her 50th game for the Eagles this weekend! This week marks 50 games for Talia Anne Cathrine Oates, a.k.a. TACO, she can’t mark, she’s not a Pitbull (despite wanting to be just like him), but I swear, Vanders still thinks her real name is T I O! Here’s to 50 games of glorious undeniable talent! Talia started her journey with us in 2019 as a backman. From her first moments on the field, it was evident she had a unique blend of skill, determination, and a deep passion for the game. Her footy knowledge has grown tenfold and...

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Milestone Games – Saturday 22 June 2024

Congratulations to Matthew Capetola (100 games), Harry Pertile (50 games) and Sean Hibberd (50 games) on their milestones this week! Matthew Capetola This week we get to celebrate 100 games of Cappa. I feel lucky to of been asked to say a few words about cap, but I also feel extremely lucky to of been alongside Cap throughout life. We’ve grown up sharing some extraordinary memories together, but more importantly I’ve been able to see the growth and development of Cappa. Not only from a footy aspect, but in life as well. I’ve been able to play with Cap through school and now...

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Milestone Games – Saturday 1 June 2024

Congratulations to Lachy Rush who will line up for game 100 this weekend! A big Congratulations on 100 Games, Rushy! This is an outstanding achievement and a testament to your dedication and skill. For those who don’t know Rushy or the Rush name, you haven’t been around the club long enough to appreciate his and his family’s impact. Rushy started his career back in 2016 while still in Year 12, debuting for the Under 19s. Despite playing only a handful of games due to his commitments with Marcellin’s first XVIII in School Footy. Where he kicked the winning goal in the 2016 grand...

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Milestone Games – Saturday 25 May 2024

Congratulations to Hayley Harley who will play her 50th game this weekend against Old Brighton! WOW, H’s BIG 50th! How exciting! H started at the club in 2019 with no footy experience, playing lacrosse originally (very niche sport btw) but thank god she lacrossed over to our great sport. I think you’ve found your calling. Don’t know if your any good at lacrosse but can confirm your pre good at footy. (Editors Note: H represented Australia at Lacrosse and Ten Pin Bowling) You’re sooooooooooo tough, literally a brick wall and thank god you’re on my team and not the my opponent. Lucky...

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Milestone Games – Sunday 19 May 2024

Congratulations to Cameron Kemp who will line up for game 150 this weekend! A huge milestone for one of the best!! Uncle K Huge congratulations to Uncle Cam Kemp on his 150th game, an achievement 13 seasons in the making. Cam made his way down to the club in 2012, following in the footsteps of his two older brothers Stu and Robbie. 150 games will see him as clearly the games record holder with the Kemp family, seeing him pass Robbie. After playing only 7 games of U/19s, Cam has found himself plying his trade between the Thirds and Reserves teams over the years. In 2014, Cam was...

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