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Author: Matthew Frost

Round 7 (21 May) Milestone Games

Congratulations to Abbie McNamara and Tania Carpinteri who will play their 50th games this weekend against Melbourne University!! Abbie McNamara This Saturday we will be celebrating one of our inaugural Sheagles Abbie Mcnamara’s 50th game, alongside Tania Carpinteri. Abbie first started at Marcellin back in 2017 and she liked it so much that she stuck around to today – the season of 2022. This milestone highlights the many years of hard work and dedication that Abbie has continued to put into the club. Abbie is known for her true grit on the field. As an inside midfielder,...

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Round 5 (May 7) Milestone Games

Congratulations to Daniel Di Paola who will play his 50th game this weekend in the Seniors against Old Geelong!! Well once asked to be given the opportunity to write up about Daniel ‘Dippa’ DiPaola, I jumped at the opportunity instantly. Best mates since we were kids, I’ve had the honour of playing alongside Dippa since AusKick. This has led to a great understanding of each other’s games and has meant we’ve formed the knack to find each other for a linking play often over the years. But aside from my over reliance on him to find me the ball, it is the same case for most teammates, as...

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Round 3 (22 April) Milestone Games

Congratulations to Patrick Howe, Will Campitelli, Liam Atherton, Gregory Loucas and Daniel Di Paola on all hitting their 50 game milestone in Round 3. Patrick Howe (Adam Tomaro) I vividly remember running out alongside Howey for his first game back in 2017. He was so excited to finally be able to run out for the Eagles, something that holds true to this day. Ironically, we lost by 100+ point but I think the playing group knew we had found a future captain of the club in Patty Howe. This guy bleeds maroon, blue and gold. The epitome of a great teammate, Howey possesses all the qualities...

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Round 2 (9 April) Milestone Games

We congratulate Oscar Flugge who will notch up game 50 this weekend against Old Mentonians. Oscar Flugge entered MOCFC in 2017 as a skinny and fresh faced 18-year-old. It didn’t take long for “plug” or “lug” to become a well-known figure around the club. He is incredibly social and gives everyone time and effort no matter what team or level they played in. This is an attribute that Oscar has continued as he becomes older, it doesn’t matter if you are the captain of the 1s, playing Sheagles or in the back pocket of the 19s, Oscar makes time for you.  On the football field, Oscar...

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Round 1 (2 April) Milestone Games

We congratulate Jack ‘Robbie’ ‘Pesto’ Keenan on his 50th game this weekend against Hampton Rovers. I’ll start by saying congratulations to Jack or more commonly known around the club as Robbie or ‘pesto’ on cracking his 50th game milestone for Marcellin this week. I’ve played with Robbie for 2 seasons of under 19’s. Robbie is as reliable as a player can get, he always puts the team first and you know that he is going to go hard at every contest he’s involved in and play to the last minute of every game as well as rely on him to have your back on and off the footy...

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Presidents Report – 27 January 2022

To everyone within the Marcellin community I’d like to wish you all a very happy New Year, let’s hope it is a better year for everyone than the last two have been especially. This month’s edition is all about supporting those who support us. I’d like to kick 2022 off with a reminder to everyone that without the support of those who help us, we would find it extremely difficult to put one team out on the paddock each week, let alone six teams and our two Bald Eagles teams. So in our day to day lives it would be great to support our valued sponsors which I’ll detail below. It is also...

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