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Author: Matthew Frost

6 August Milestone Games

Congratulations to Charlotte Grieve who will cap off the 2022 season by playing her 50th game!! Congratulations to Char Grieve on 50 games! Char is a teammate you can always rely on. She is a silent assassin but I would say she has been the most consistent player since arriving in 2018. Her nickname Grievance couldn’t be more of a polar opposite to the person she is. She is a calming presence and a key figure in the back line, always being a leader without an official title. She says at the end of every season that she will retire, but somehow she always appears after pre-season...

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30 July Milestone Games

Congratulations to Angie Wang-Hartman (50 games) and Angus McHenry (100 games) on their fantastic milestones this weekend!! Angie Wang-Hartman If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my time at Marcellin it’s that you meet a lot of people you’d otherwise never have crossed paths with. For me, Angie Wang is one of these people, and that I’ve had the opportunity not only to play alongside her, but to call her my mate is something I’m incredibly grateful for. An integral part of the 2017 Premiership Team, Angie plays with grit and sheer determination like few others. An opponents...

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23 July Milestone Games

Congratulations to Eliza Roughead who will play her 50th game this weekend for the Eagles! A big congratulations to the wonderful, lovable Eliza Roughead… who will run out for her 50th game this weekend. ‘Roughy’ embarked on her Marcellin football journey back in 2017 – yes, another inaugural Sheagle, part of the first Seniors premiership win. With a surname made for football, it wasn’t long before Roughy became a permanent fixture on her beloved wing; with her long legs and incredible running endurance, the ability to jump high and take a strong mark, and...

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16 July Milestone Games

Congratulations to Reserves Vice Captain Courtney Taylor who will run out for her 50th game this weekend! This coming Saturday we will be celebrating the one and only Courtney Taylor’s 50th game. We always talk about how important a good culture is at a footy club and since her debut for the Sheagles in 2018, Court has enriched the women’s program with infectious positivity, love and care for her teammates. I have had the absolute pleasure of connecting with Court and I now would say she’s one of my best mates. She is the epitome of what a leader in any football team should be. Reliable,...

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9 July Milestone Games

Congratulations to Reserves Coach Thomas Black on playing his 200th game this weekend. A fantastic achievement for a fantastic member of our Marcellin community!! Blacky, Congratulations on 200 Games brother! What a massive achievement that cannot be understated. As a former premiership-teammate, occasional member of the “blackline”, fellow resident of the bat-cave, and most importantly friend of yours for nearly 20 years, I am truly so proud of you. Many could write for days about your determination on the field, your addiction to Voltaren, your silky left foot, and your refusal...

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2/3 July Milestone Games

Congratulations to Adam Tomaro, Josh Atwell and Jennae Wakefield who will all play their 50th games this weekend. Adam Tomaro I want so say congratulations on 50 games to you Maro, it’s been a long time coming but you finally got there. It’s been a difficult road to get here, numerous injuries along the way through your whole footy career but more importantly suffering what could of been a career ending injury last year and bouncing back.Don’t think I could find another person that went through the injury you did last year and still play on after it.You made sure you did your rehab...

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