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6 August Milestone Games

Congratulations to Charlotte Grieve who will cap off the 2022 season by playing her 50th game!!

Congratulations to Char Grieve on 50 games!

Char is a teammate you can always rely on. She is a silent assassin but I would say she has been the most consistent player since arriving in 2018. Her nickname Grievance couldn’t be more of a polar opposite to the person she is. She is a calming presence and a key figure in the back line, always being a leader without an official title.

She says at the end of every season that she will retire, but somehow she always appears after pre-season has finished to wear the jumper for another year, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Although she’s not one to attend many social events, when she does she’s always double parked and brings a bottle of wine as her pre drinks. Char can have a good laugh about her mature age status in the team, as she dressed up as a grandma for Silly Saturday a few seasons ago, I guess this year there there’s no dress ups required. She was also originally given number number 90 I guess to reflect her age, but has recently changed to 18 to reflect her young spirit. My fondest memory with Char was when we went to Byron Bay for footy trip, dancing on tables at cheeky monkeys and grabbing an early morning Bay kebab on the way home.

I could talk about what a valuable person she is to our team for paragraphs but Char I look forward to running out with you this weekend for your 50th and hopefully not last game for Marcellin. On field you are a natural footballer and off field a great friend, congratulations again you’re a true superstar.

Maddy Rush


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