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30 July Milestone Games

Congratulations to Angie Wang-Hartman (50 games) and Angus McHenry (100 games) on their fantastic milestones this weekend!!

Angie Wang-Hartman

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my time at Marcellin it’s that you meet a lot of people you’d otherwise never have crossed paths with. For me, Angie Wang is one of these people, and that I’ve had the opportunity not only to play alongside her, but to call her my mate is something I’m incredibly grateful for.

An integral part of the 2017 Premiership Team, Angie plays with grit and sheer determination like few others. An opponents worst nightmare, when she is set a task – you best believe she is up for the challenge. This has involved sacrificing her own game on countless occasions in order to tag opponents. She is undoubtedly one of the best defensive players to pull on the maroon and blue jumper.

It’s important to note that Angie’s talents extend far beyond the football field. Since 2017 I’ve witnessed her act as a bouncer at her own 21st, place high stakes (surprisingly successful) bets on the outcomes of shows such as MasterChef and The Bachelor, and is known to make a savage speech or two.

Angie has shown up year after year, with the same only exception being the 2019 season where she went on student exchange at Louisiana State University. During this time she was still always sure to wish the team luck in the group chat, and even made an appearance on the sidelines as a supporter when she was fresh off the plane from her 6 month stint. Her next period away from footy would come earlier this year, becoming the first, though I’m sure not the last, Sheagle to miss games in lieu of attending Coachella.

Finding the words to accurately articulate who Angie Wang is and what impact she has had in her time at the club has been a challenge. When talking about Angie to others it’s likely that the response elicited isn’t verbal but that of a smile and/or laugh, followed by an anecdotal tale. A current teammate of Angie’s described her as “one of those players you just love playing with” and proceeded to recount how Angie has a habit of pranking Boydo by texting him the night before a game to let him know she’s injured. “She’ll tell him she rolled her ankle at basketball, sends a picture of a f***ed ankle and leaves him hanging for hours. Then says ‘Joke’s’”. Another former teammate described Angie as “the smartest silly person ever”, which frankly I couldn’t have worded better myself.

She always embraces footy with a positive attitude, and this is reflected in the relationships she’s made with those at the club. She’s one of the first to pick you up when you’re down, and is always willing to feed your ego – something I have particularly appreciated over the years.

I’ve seen some incredible people come and go through this footy club, and Angie Wang is certainly one of the best. Congratulations on 50 games!

Jennae Wakefield

Angus McHenry

We welcome in Angus McHenry this weekend to the 100 gamer club which I couldn’t be more proud to see!! This year was supposed to be the year of Gus taking some time off, relaxing at home and maintaining his lawn, however the allure of football has dragged him back in and I for one couldn’t be happier.

When Slug McHenry entered the club he already has the makings of a local footballer – a long slender frame of an Under 19s player but the receding hairline of a seasoned veteran. Gus plied his trade and after a year of Under 19s he soon entered the ranks of Reserves football where he was a star on the rise. He swiftly secured himself a position on the team, being able to swing forward, back and in the middle as well. He was an integral member of the 2017 and 2018 Reserves teams that reached the finals and came close to Premiership glory, finishing high in every Best and Fairest count and recording the first ever instance of umpire dissent after receiving a red card for shouting “onya mate” to an umpire. He was rewarded for his efforts eventually with a Senior nod in 2019 and played in two games before the years end.

Off the field Gus is a man of simple pleasures – he enjoys a light evening at home and spending his weekends tending to his front lawn (which is quite the spectacle). In the late 2010s he was a key voice in bringing a strong culture to the Reserves, highlighted by his many different event ideas that turned out to be ripper nights. Karaoke nights at Binh Minhs, beer pong tournaments in his living room, even a winery tour, these days and nights not only gave the boys the opportunity to enjoy a few beverages together but were significant in building a culture within the Reserves team that still stands to this day. Giving the boys the opportunity to bond and tell stories that still are remembered to this day is all due to Gus, who with several others built the foundation of the Reserves culture.

Over the past years I have enjoyed only a few games with Gussy due to my lack of skill and coordination, however I have very fond memories of teammates getting us confused on the track (looking at you Dmac) as well as you not being afraid to tell me to toughen up during a game at a moments notice. Personally the highlight of this year has been your return to the club and being able to share in some success with you so far. Knowing that you get to play footy with your best mate on a consistent basis is something special, and I know there is no one I would rather share the field with this weekend than Slug McHenry.

Congratulations on your 100th mate. Without even knowing it you make an impact to a lot of blokes here on and off the field. I look forward to seeing your shiny pill this weekend run out on the field!

Matthew Frost


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