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23 July Milestone Games

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Congratulations to Eliza Roughead who will play her 50th game this weekend for the Eagles!

A big congratulations to the wonderful, lovable Eliza Roughead… who will run out for her 50th game this weekend.

‘Roughy’ embarked on her Marcellin football journey back in 2017 – yes, another inaugural Sheagle, part of the first Seniors premiership win. With a surname made for football, it wasn’t long before Roughy became a permanent fixture on her beloved wing; with her long legs and incredible running endurance, the ability to jump high and take a strong mark, and a knack for finding the footy. She boasts a 2km trial time that would sit among top AFLW player records. This kind of athleticism also prompted regular ruck rotations, which she always accepted with a smile.

That’s the thing about Roughy. She does everything with a smile. Oozing positivity and radiating happiness – outshining a frosty, 4 degree training night… or a frustrating 5 point loss. It’s infectious. You can count on Roughy to pick you up, both physically and figuratively, no matter the conditions. She is caring, genuine, and supportive. You want to improve your fitness? Roughy is there to run laps before training with you. Limping around on a sore hammy? You’ll be greeted with a ‘what have you done?’ as the squad’s unofficial physiotherapist. A shoulder to lean on? Always!

One thing I especially admire about Roughy is her commitment and loyalty to her football and MOCFC. In years prior, she has commuted to Bulleen from Williamstown for training and game days, and always the first player to arrive at each session. During COVID, when Rough stayed at her family’s place in Bung Bong (yes, this is a real place) she would repeatedly kick a footy into a haystack (no, this is not a metaphor) to practice her accuracy and technique. This year, she drives all the way down from Ballarat to play for the Sheags when she is available and we need numbers. With her expertise in the area, she has helped to direct adequate drills and warm-up exercises to prevent injuries across the group. She has even committed herself to dating an Eagle long-term, one of the very first Eagle/Sheagle unions. I really believe the fun-loving and friendly nature of the Sheagles has been greatly influenced by the faithfuls – Roughy quite clearly being one of them.

When I think of the qualities that make a perfect teammate, it involves the ones that Roughy exudes. I feel lucky to have Roughy as a reliable and compassionate friend – one that is always down for some extra skills practice pre-training, a few laps post-training, and always a good chat and laugh together. What more could you ask for.

You are like a needle (or footy) in a haystack Roughy, teammates like you are hard to find… but we are only better for having you wear the maroon, yellow and blue. Congratulations again on this milestone, we are so excited for you. All the best!

Lani Pane


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