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2/3 July Milestone Games

Congratulations to Adam Tomaro, Josh Atwell and Jennae Wakefield who will all play their 50th games this weekend.

Adam Tomaro

I want so say congratulations on 50 games to you Maro, it’s been a long time coming but you finally got there.

It’s been a difficult road to get here, numerous injuries along the way through your whole footy career but more importantly suffering what could of been a career ending injury last year and bouncing back.
Don’t think I could find another person that went through the injury you did last year and still play on after it.
You made sure you did your rehab properly and stayed positive throughout last year which really shows the maturity of you as a person and it’s fantastic to see you back and enjoying your footy again.

Maro is the bloke that you love having along side you when you run out on the field. Will have your back every step of the way and
By far one of the smartest footy brains I’ve come across, constantly looking to always help others to better themselves.

Been lucky enough to share some pretty amazing memories over our footy career with an AGSV premiership but also been even better to grow up with maro outside of footy

I’m also lucky to have Ads in the leadership group where he’s pushed and encouraged me every step of the way, always available to chat and allowed me to grow as a leader and as a person.

A great clubman, person and player and looking forward to running out with you this week and for the years to come.

Patrick Howe

Josh Atwell

I want to start by congratulating Josh on playing 50 games. I’ve known Josh since high school and have had the privilege to play alongside one of my best mates in school footy as well as under 19’s footy, and now we get to run out together on his 50th in the senior side. 

It hasn’t been the quickest or the easiest road to 50 games for josh as he has had to deal with multiple injuries throughout his time at the club. You would think he is made from sticks with the amount of time he gets injured. 

When Josh has played he has been a super performer for the club which includes winning a B&F in under 19s and his form continues to get better with every game he plays. He is one of those players that can do it all, he can play ruck, play as a lockdown defender, or go forward to provide a target for us. 

Josh not only is a great player on the field but he is an even better person off the field. He is a great clubman and he loves to enjoy a CC or two at club functions and backs up his performance on the field with an even better one on a night out. 

Congratulations again Josh on 50 amazing games. No one deserves this more than you and I hope we can come away with a win for you. 

Will Campitelli

Jennae Wakefield

They say that for football clubs to be successful, they require good people to be around – and that’s exactly what Jennae is. How lucky am I to be tasked with the write up about the Wiz that is Jennae ahead of her 50 games with Marcellin this weekend!

Jennae ‘Wizzy’ Wakefield is known around here for 3 things. Her love for the Melbourne Demons, her primal need to always walk around barefoot and her love for the people of the Marcellin Old Collegians Football Club. I have had the privilege of playing alongside Jennae since the Sheagles inception late 2016.

Her passion for the game was made clear very early on and all you need to do is have a conversation with her to understand just how knowledgeable she is about our great game. Known to dissect our games quarter by quarter, play by play, Jennae’s footy IQ is what sets her apart – matched with her booming voice, there is not one person within a 50km radius that wouldn’t be able to hear her shouts of direction and support.

In her time here, she has been a player, coach, committee member and treasurer. She is never one to turn down an opportunity to help the club succeed. On field, you can find Jennae commanding the forward line. Presented with the 2017 premiership season coaches award and sitting on 48 goals for the club, she makes playing full forward look like a breeze.

Off field, you can find Jennae sinking a beer or 30, often known to be gently prompted by venue security to tone it down. Jennae has created strong relationships over her time here, with the team sharing that she is always the first at games and trainings and always happy to have a chat about everything – football related or personal. She will always check in on her teammates who may appear flat and will be the first to pump up our tires especially when we don’t think we’re playing our best. Jennae has an amazing ability to see something special in every one of her teammates and encourages them to utilize their skills and bring them to the game every week. We know she always has our back on and off the field and we can rely on her to make us smile, even if she isn’t feeling so amazing herself.

These sentiments are echoed by her coaches. Tom Stafford, 2017 premiership coach, shares that Jennae was always the first to congratulate others on their efforts and achievements and the first to run to you and give you a big hug when you did something good. Luke Boyd adds that she’s a great character and person around the club who would do anything for her tammates and Tony Franklin finishes with a slam dunk by stating that to sum up Jennae, she is competitive, driven, loving and compassionate. All three share their congratulations to her on this amazing achievement.

Jennae loves a goal, a goal celebration and a rub on the massage table, but most importantly she love this club.

Jennae, you certainly have left a lasting legacy here at Marcellin. You have had an impact on every player and coach at the club in some way, shape or form and we are so proud to not only call you our teammate, but our friend. It’s going to be an honor watching you take to the field for your 50th game this weekend. Congratulations!

Chiara Moretta


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